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My name is Maggie Davis and I am a clothier based out of Oklahoma City. I am Oklahoma born and raised and after graduating from Oklahoma State I started my career with the Tom James Company. I always tell my clients and potential new clients that yes, I am backed by the nice big company, but I view my business as if it was my own start up. We specialize in custom clothing for both men and women and my goal is to always plan and build the most impeccable wardrobe for my clients so they can feel confident and prepared for any occasion. 

Tom James is a global company that has been around since 1966 and with the moto, “We come to you with fine clothing” we continue each and every year. We are 100% employee owned and vertically integrated, owning the whole process from sheep to shoulder. I have the honor of serving the most amazing clients around the state and only wish to continue to serve all the movers and shakers of the city. My ideal clients are those professionals who are busy, have a hard time finding garments that fit them properly, appreciate high quality or really all the above. 


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121 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.