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President and Owner of Insight

James Bost, the President and Owner of Insight, has more than 30 years of

experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative market research to discover

information, leading to action steps for businesses and organizations to grow.

James is a Certified Focus Group moderator and has conducted more than 500

focus groups and depth interviews across a wide range of industries exploring

numerous subjects and issues including messaging, branding, strategy, product

development, positioning customer and member satisfaction and other elements.

He loves visiting with people and uses his strong interpersonal skills to create

meaningful conversations that lead to greater understanding of the issues being


If you could benefit from any of the following, Insight can be of service to you:

• Understanding your existing customers, members or supporters

• Identifying potential new customers, members or supporters

• Developing new and effective strategies including identifying strengths

and weaknesses of your organization or opportunities and threats to your

current position and performance

• Solving critical business or organizational challenges

James is always open for a discussion over coffee and can be reached at:


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