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"At Luxury Brand Collective, our purpose is to create a powerful and collaborative platform that supports and elevates our members as Luxury Brands in Oklahoma.

Through active networking and a commitment to fostering strong relationships, we seek opportunities to acquire and provide appropriate referrals for our esteemed members. We believe in the value of presence and engagement, expecting our members to attend a minimum of 70% of meetings and events, while also encouraging them to serve in leadership capacities within our collective. With a focus on accountability and success, we diligently track referrals to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, our members understand the significance of their contribution, investing an annual membership fee of $250.00 to sustain the collective's operations. Together, we embrace the spirit of collaboration, actively supporting and promoting each other to bolster the success of Luxury Brands within our community."


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121 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.